Inside Out Play Therapy
Inside Out Play Therapy

At                                                          we are committed to supporting children to overcome the challenges they face in their lives, as well as enhancing mental health and wellbeing from early years into adulthood. 

Using creative and expressive play therapies, we are experienced in working with children from ages 2 to 13 years, presenting with a range of socio-emotional difficulties such as:

  • disruptive and aggressive behaviour

  • anger, anxiety and depression

  • withdrawal

  • selective mutism

  • sleep-disturbances & lethargy

  • low self-esteem

  • bullying related behaviours

  • attention issues

  • academic difficulties

  • eating difficulties 

With the guidance and care of a trained and qualified Play Therapist, children draw on the therapeutic powers of play to work through their troubles within a safe, trusting and nurturing therapeutic environment.

Inside Out Play Therapy consults from  



a specialist play therapy service located in Melbourne's inner north. The clinic houses a group of experienced and independent clinicians in private practice, united in their mission of "helping children to flourish and strengthening families".