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Inside Out Play Therapy
Inside Out Play Therapy

What is Learn to Play Therapy?

Imaginary play ability has been linked with language development, logical, organised and abstract thought processes, social and emotional wellbeing, the development of effective social skills, control over emotions, creation of stories, general creativity, and the ability to play with others in the role of ‘player’.

Sometimes children require extra support to develop the building blocks necessary for imaginary play.

Learn to Play Therapy is a specialised, directive Play Therapy, designed to support children to boost their capacity for pretend play and work towards self-initiated, independent play.  Learn to Play Therapy is supported by the trained therapist's in-depth knowledge of child and play development and focuses on strengthening the sequential building blocks of play and extending a child’s pretend play skills so that play is un-prompted, logical, follows a natural sequence and is continuous. 


Learn to Play Therapy is ideal for children with diagnosed developmental delay and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) however, it is also suited to typically developing children who may need a little extra support to master the skills necessary to engage in higher level play.

Can Learn to Play Help My Child?

All sources of information for this and other sections on our website can be viewed on our References page.

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