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What Can We Expect?

  • For Child Centred Play Therapy services, an initial 90 minute (caregiver only) consultation will be scheduled, during which parents will be invited to discuss concerns. During this appointment, a complete family background, developmental and medical history will also be discussed and Natalie will make recommendations on the Play Therapy modality most suited to your child/family.  Natalie will also detail confidentiality, fees and structure of therapy and answer any questions you may have.

  • Natalie will work with you in developing a therapeutic plan and goals to ensure best possible outcomes.

  • Subsequent 45 minute appointments will be with your child and scheduled weekly, in consultation with parents/carers.  Depending on your child's level of anxiety, it may sometimes be necessary to shorten the duration of initial sessions to 30 minutes and/or include parents/caregivers in the session. An additional 15 minutes is included in the hourly rate for session notes.

  • Natalie will work with your child in a playroom that has a wide range of carefully selected toys, which have been chosen for their ability to express a range of problems and emotions. Your child will be invited to select the toys they would like to play with and to play with them in almost any way they wish. Natalie is trained to use a specialised, therapeutic skill set to establish a safe, supporting and trusting environment. She will closely observe the emotional content of your child's play and convey unconditional acceptance and empathy for his/her feelings, which will allow your child to work through and process their worries.  At times, it may be necessary for Natalie to set limits around behaviour, particularly if there is a concern around safety. These boundaries will be respectfully, empathically and consistently communicated which will help minimise anxiety and encourage your child to become accountable for their choices.

  • As they progress through play therapy, your child will be supported to tackle their problems, consider a range of solutions and learn more effective ways of coping, eventually transferring these skills and strategies to their relationships and everyday life.

  • During Child Centred Play Therapy, contact with parents/carers is regular and ongoing through phone conversations, email and parent meetings, scheduled 4-6 weekly.  Parents are encouraged to seek additional support outside of their child's appointment time as a separate consultation.

Referrals & Fees

We welcome referrals from allied health professionals and agencies as well as private/self referrals. We also happily accept school-based referrals, with the option of outreach services, by arrangement. Please Contact Us to discuss any questions you may have, or to make an appointment.

Initial Parent Consultation 90 mins

Play Therapy Sessions 50 mins
$165.00 ($193 NDIS rate)

Scheduled Subsequent Parent Consultations 60 mins
$165.00 ($193 NDIS rate)

Single-Family Filial Therapy Sessions 60 mins
$165.00 ($195 NDIS rate)
Parent Education and Coaching
$165.00 per session ($193 NDIS rate)
(one to one sessions with parent(s)/caregivers)

Phone Consults/Contact with Parents
No Fee

Kinder/School Observations & Professional Attendance
Hourly consultancy rate per 60 minutes 
(plus travel time)

Court Reports / Case Reports / NDIS Recommendation Reports
Hourly consultancy rate

Inside Out Play Therapy also welcomes NDIS plan-managed and self-managed clients.  Concessional fees are available depending on individual circumstances and are negotiated on a case by case basis. 

Please note: There is a 24 hour appointment cancellation policy. Less than 24 hours notice will incur a cancellation fee.

All sources of information for this and other sections on our website can be viewed on our References page.

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